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We are an innovative and technology-oriented service company specializing in the execution and management of IT projects.

Our focus is on systems and software management, migration and software development.


Through years of experience, even in complex IT environments, our employees have acquired a comprehensive and manufacturer-independent know-how.

You will be maintained by a young, dynamic, highly qualified and creative team - see for yourself.


We offer you a personal, tailored to you and cost-saving IT consulting.

We support you in setting up and optimizing your IT infrastructure and know what matters in software management and software development.


Computer service starts with the consultation

Especially young companies have a high demand for IT consulting. Being able to pick up the phone at any time and arrange short-term personal calls when needed is often worth the money for StartUps. In order to spare the usually tight budgets, we offer the possibility to arrange small flat-rate monthly amounts, which allow you to consult us at any time by phone

We also take over the commissioning and configuration of DSL connections and set up your WLAN.

Our certified staff will advise you comprehensively on the possibilities of upgrading your computer and updating your software. Should the computer no longer meet your requirements, our computer service takes care of the disposal and advises you regardless of the manufacturer about new purchases.

Once a month we like to come to you personally on request, discuss research and ask for feedback on our services. For this we grant these customers 15% discount on our IT service tariffs. The terms of the contracts are very flexible.

The topic of security is very important to us

Our computer service in Berlin removes viruses, worms and spyware (such as Trojans, dialers, keyloggers) from your computer.

If you wish, we can install an anti-virus program and any other protection software you need, such as Firewall, Popup Blocker, 0190-Warner, Spyware / Adware Removal Tool.

Updates – Safety – Service

Stable hardware and software is and remains the basis of your computer. That's why our complete service includes our own computer service workshop. Regardless of brand and origin, every device from notebook to PC to smartphone is in professional hands.

Our more than 10 years of experience also brings a broad knowledge of devices of all generations.

The technology is always going on

Do not miss the connection to the current development in IT technology. That requires intransigence and the urge for perfection. Especially in today's fast-moving time, the focus of day-to-day business for many companies is on their productivity. The company stands, produces and every resource is put into production in order to increase profitability. Often, too few resources are available to face the opportunities for improvement or even to locate them.

We support our clients through experience, independence and objectivity in order to identify and remedy any weaknesses.


Every requirement requires an individual solution

The creation of IT solutions is a core part of our services. We have many years of experience in this field.

A conscientious analysis of the case of need and appropriate concept development are the basis for a sustainable solution.

Every decision for a particular solution in the hardware or software area has a lasting effect.We determine and evaluate the right solution for you.


Time and again, we find that companies are struggling to find the right software for themselves. Decisions in this area are often accompanied by constraints that do not belong there. Examples are lack of time, too much specialist vocabulary and inaccurate requirement profiles. The purchasing decisions made in this way lead to disabilities in daily use: productivity decreases rather than increases.

First and foremost, we work out an exact requirement profile with you. This includes a feature list as well as their weightings, but also parameters such as project period and budget. Only then will we determine the most suitable offers in the software market. We organize presentations as well as demo installations and advise you in conclusion. After a brief preliminary discussion, we will gladly prepare a fixed cost offer for our individual market analysis.

Individual IT Solutions

After deciding on the optimal software solution we will not leave you alone.

We accompany you from the distribution of the software to the commissioning and configuration of the software solution for your needs and in your system environment.


Put on the right infrastructure

At the present time, it is unthinkable for an enterprise to dispense with information technologies. In order to meet the demands of efficiency and performance, every modern company relies on IT-supported business processes. Providing the infrastructure required to meet these requirements is a particular challenge.

We offer our professional support for infrastructure projects. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in the field of IT infrastructure. From creating a coherent concept to implementing the infrastructure, we are a competent partner.


The basis for every institution and every company is a reliably functioning IT infrastructure. These include not only constantly available server and computer systems, but also wireless networks (WLAN), IP telephony (VoIP) and in the structure of integrated (mobile) phones, smart phones and tablets. The reliable collaboration and functionality of all devices and systems ensures network administration as part of IT system management.

Basic tasks such as User management, access management / access permissions, error analysis / troubleshooting are just as much a part of this as data backup and often unattended documentation. The scope of duties is extended by the planning and further development of the network. According to your needs and wishes, we can carry out the network service via remote control system or through on-site staff.

System- und Network-Migration

You want to migrate your Windows Active Directory environment to a current version ?

You want to switch from Windows or Novelle to Linux ?

There are many reasons for a network, system migration:

  • Aging of hardware (servers, clients), software (e.g., Windows XP), network infrastructure
  • Change, expansion of the company structure
  • Changed requirements of the application software
  • Increasingly aggressive exploitation of security vulnerabilities

Our certified employees have many years of experience with these system changes. Through this experience, it has become almost a sport for us to make the system change as smoothly as possible.

The following services are offered by our network service:

  • Analysis, consulting, planning, installation, configuration, documentation and administration of software, servers, computers and networks
  • Proactive network, server and software monitoring, error analysis, troubleshooting
  • User and access management
  • Data backup, ensuring data security, network security
  • automatic LogFile analysis and security report generation
  • User Help Desk
  • Remote Control System Integration (Remote Maintenance Systems)

ITIL - The right concept for roles and processes in IT operations is essential for effectiveness and performance

ITIL is a framework for designing IT service management and, as a core, contains a collection of best practices. It is not a complete work and 1: 1 transferable to companies of all sizes. Rather, ITIL is a way of correctly adjusting processes, roles and routines that have proven themselves over many years of practice and aligning them with ITIL specifications.

Providing resources, even though they are not needed, also consumes financial reserves that otherwise could have been used elsewhere in the enterprise. Delivering the required service in the required time and quality is ITIL as it's best!

Our processes are aligned with ITIL. The core incident management process as an input channel for all incoming inquiries, faults, changes and problems is our increased attention.

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